401k & Retirement Services

   At Royal Palm Financial we provide a comprehensive and sophisticated 401(k) evaluation that is tailored to the Fortune 500 company right down to the individual that owns his own company.  Some of our popular services include:

  • Review and determine objectives of owners and how the plan fits into overall compensation plan.
  • Review ways to cut costs while offering value-added services with little to no cost to employer.
  • Review employees investment goals and design a customized portfolio appropriate to their needs.
  • Offer all employees the ability to speak with a registered agent in a one on one meeting.
  • Analyze how to attract, retain and reward employees while considering cost, contribution and flexibility.
  • Participate in planned sponsored meeting to analyze and evaluate plan data to make informed decisions.
  • Benchmark the funds in the plan and make recommendations to maximize potential returns.
  • Full comprehensive review for each employee, 5 years prior to retirement.
  • The ability to work with over fifty 401k sponsors, to offer the best fit for your companies situation and the most updated products in the industry.

Please contact us today for a 3rd party independent review of your plan.

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